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“Horrible Terrorists” To Remain In GTMO For Ever

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It appears that there was a press junket down to Guantanamo Bay last week that has given rise to a number of short stories in the press. My previous post is a case in point. How do I know this? Simple, the same phrase “… along the cactus and palm tree-lined shore …” crops up in all of the reports.

It’s got to remind you of that time last year when newspapers in Iraq published direct quotes from interviews of several different Iraqi individuals done at different times of day and in different locations … and yet these Iraqis all managed to come up with identical phrasing, even though none of them were related. That, the Pentagon was later forced to admit, was all their doing. It was supposed to get the Pentagon’s point of view across through the voices of the Iraq “man in the street”.
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October 30, 2006 at 7:47 am

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Preparations for GTMO Trials

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Construction Engineers for the military have been visiting Guantanamo earlier in the week to survey the prison camp in preparation for building courtrooms for military commissions and accommodations for trial lawyers. The Bush plan of action calls for military commissions for the 14 previously disappeared so-called al Qaeda terror suspects that have recently been discovered and fetched to GTMO – plus a further 60 or so longterm GTMO detainees that are actually considered to be guilty of something, though of what nobody is sure.

The trials may start sometime in the new year. But first there will have to be a considerble building effort to build as many as ten new courtrooms, plus housing for extra personel, plus services, power, water and sewage, roads and air-conditioning. The engineers are to submit their proposals to the Pentagon next week.

Brig. Gen. Edward Leacock, deputy commander of the joint task force that runs the facility holding more than 400 suspected terrorists, said the price tag could run into the “hundreds of millions.”

“The logistics end of it will be pretty significant,” Leacock said, referring to the cost and time needed to build the support infrastructure at the base, referred to as Gitmo.

“Gitmo does not have a Home Depot. The process of getting supplies and materials is a major operation. It takes a while to build things down here,” he told reporters on a small boat shuttling across the waters that separate a U.S. naval base from the military detention centre.

Presently there is only one courtroom at GTMO and not a very big one at that. There is only room for one detainee to be tried at a time, and the Bush plan of action requires that there be room for several detainees to be tried together.

Congressonal staff are going to be transported down to GTMO in the coming weeks so that they may see for themselves the actual plots of land where the new courts will be built.

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October 28, 2006 at 10:26 am

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